As a new patient, it is important to bring or forward all prior urology records. If there have been any imaging studies (such as X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, etc.) related to your urological issue, then please bring the films and the radiologists' report with you.

In addition, please provide us with an updated list of your medications.

Please bring your health insurance information. If a co-payment or deductible is required, we accept; VISA, MasterCard, or a personal check for not more than $150.

Please note that if your primary care physician refers you to Dr. Jhaveri, all consultation reports will be immediately electronically faxed back to your doctor. In addition, once your urological condition has resolved or stabilized, your primary care physician will continue your medical care. If your urological condition requires continued surveillance, then follow-up arrangements will be made depending on your specific condition.