Urology Healthcare of Central Florida was founded by Dr. Faiyaaz M. Jhaveri in 2000. For 10 years, this practice has provided the men and women of Central Florida with a full range of treatment options for their urological issues. Dr. Jhaveri is a specialist of extraordinary experience and qualification, he has trained and practiced at some of the nation's finest hospitals.

At Urology Healthcare of Central Florida we recognize that every patient has unique medical and personal circumstances. The highest standards of professional care and compassion are maintained throughout the treatment process. For both men and women there are a great number of urological issues requiring treatment. Our practice is capable of treating virtually all of these. In the instance that a treatment outside the practice is called for or requested, a quality healthcare provider will be recommended.

The ongoing goal of Urology Healthcare of Central Florida is to achieve the best possible outcome for patients by providing or recommending treatment based on each patient's individual needs, condition, and wishes.

Extraordinary Qualifications and Experience. Exceptional Care.